The Trip of a Lifetime

Originally published Sunday, 01 December 2013.

Have you ever thought about how we can prepare for heaven?


I found the following excerpt to be very challenging and thought-provoking.  It comes from the book, Relationships: A mess worth making, by Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp.


“How do you stimulate your imagination in any area of life?  If you have a vision for decorating your house, you buy decorating magazines and pore over them until you get an idea of what you want to do.  If you want to take a vacation, you sit down with someone who has been where you want to go.  You talk about his trip, gaining insight and excitement about what you can do when you get there.  You will probably get travel brochures or look at the pictures from your friend’s trip.”


If heaven is the true, eternal home for those who have trusted in Christ, and if heaven is where we’re headed, then surely we ought to prepare ourselves for our final destination, the mansion that is prepared for us.


There may not be any travel brochures or webpages offered by those who’ve been there already, except for one: the testimony of Christ Himself.  He is the friend who shows us the pictures of his trip, who describes the beach house at the end of the winding dirt road, who provides us with full-color magazine images to gawk at and drool over.


How are you getting ready for this ultimate trip?


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