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Heaven is ...

Originally published Monday, 16 December 2013.

Just sixteen days after my mom died, I wrote this on a former blog of mine:


I’m thinking a whole lot more about heaven these days, mostly wondering what it is like.


Silly thoughts, really, like when it is a beautiful day outside and I think to myself, “Oh, what a pity that Mom is missing such a glorious day. She would have loved this blue sky and sunshine.”


Then I think, “Hey, idiot. The weather is infinitely better in heaven on a permanent basis. We’re livin’ in the Shadowlands.”


Yet again, I will drive past one of mom’s favorite restaurants and think, “How sad that she’ll never be able to eat Chicken Pad Thai from Thai Palace or Mongolian beef from Mr. You’s Chinese take-out.”


Then again, I realize, “Hey, idiot. The food is much better in heaven. The Chinese buffet on earth has got nothin’ on heaven’s buffet.”


Even though it’s been over two years since I wrote that, the sentiments remain.



Our knowledge of what heaven is really like is limited.  The Bible tells us just enough to know that there is nothing better.


Heaven is …


more glorious than the most breathtaking sunset you have ever seen.


Heaven is …


sweeter than the sound of your child’s uncontrollable giggles and “I love you, Mommy.”


Heaven is …


more satisfying than the lingering embrace of the one you love.


Heaven is …


infinitely better than the best you’ve ever known so far.


We’re livin’ in the Shadowlands. 


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