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What No One Told Me About My 20s | Blog Series

Originally published Monday, 09 April 2012.

It was the day after my 23rd birthday. I was getting dressed and ready for the day and realized as I zipped up my jeans that they were feeling a little snug. Jeez, I really need to get this wedding weight off, I thought. The next couple months I started really watching what I ate. I went no carbs for a while, then no caffeine. Then no nothing. I started mildly exercising 3 times a week but the scale wasn't budging. What happened!? I use to be able to drop 2-3 pounds by just thinking about losing weight. 


I quickly realized I'd crossed over. I'd crossed over to the side of youth that one can never come back from. Am I being a little dramatic? Yes. But that's only because no one warned me! Everyone prepares us for puberty and other womanly issues, but there's no class or curriculum or warning that 22 was my prime bathing suit age, that I would begin to feel overwhelmed at the site of gas prices, that I'd be questioning every decision I ever make and that my spirituality wasn't going to grow itself. 


It all just kind of happens. 


So I've decided to put a little dent in this world of educating girls in their 20s. Especially those entering. This is going to be fun/semi-disturbing for you. 


I've asked a number of amazing women that I know (both from real life and from the wonderful world of bloggers) to share with us their pivotal "20s" moments. Circumstances that no one ever warned them would happen or life changing moments they thought would never happen to them. Though each story is unique, we can all relate to the principles of change and growth. 


Their stories will start Tuesday and cover these four (4) themes: psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual.


But I don't want this to be a passive series, where you read, chuckle to yourself and close your browser. I want you to read, laugh, cry, talk, and tell us your story too! 

Here's a couple ways to do that--


--Write a blog post with one of the prompts below and Tweet, Comment or Facebook us your link! 

What did/do you feel unprepared for in your 20s? // What do you wish you would have known when you entered your 20s? // What would you do differently in your 20s? 

--Tell the authors if their story resonated with you in the comment section of the post. 

--Ask questions! About their stories or stuff you're going through. Get advice.  

--Like to talk more than write? Make a video! And Tweet, Comment or Facebook us your link!


I hope you will join us this week and happy reading! 


- - -

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