Sundays are for Worship

Originally published Friday, 25 July 2014.

*This setlist was formed by the worship team of Rancho Community Church but we don't own it. Copy away :)

My Speaking Notes: 

I went away last weekend to find my mind. Lost it amidst the girls conference and some personal trials. So I sent myself away from all civilization and begged God to meet me. 

It sounds way more spiritual than it actually was. My prayers weren't polished or refined. There was a lot of incomplete sentences and ugly crying.

But let me tell you, He met me.

Not in a crazy or fireworks way, but rather through the power of truth, consistency and peace of Scripture. He reminded me of His goodness, He reminded me of His grace, He reminded me of His patience, He reminded me of His perfect timing, His faithfulness and mostly His love.

Some of you might be in that place today, where you need to hear from God.  You're praying for a sign or grasping for answers and we're here, as the Family of God to remind you of who we know God to be.  We're here to come around you and pray with you and worship around you , reminding you to run, run full speed into His arms. Because nothing, I promise you that nothing compares to His embrace.

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