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Dear Families of Church Employees | A Blog Series

Originally published Saturday, 10 March 2012.


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Dear Families of Church Employees,


Your perception of the Church will be different from any of your friends because you get an insiders view to the inner workings of a machine that can often break down. Unfortunately, because you have family working in the Church, there is a greater chance you will become bitter at the Church due to circumstances and situations you are put in over the course of your parent's or spouse's employment.


However, there is an equally great chance that you will see the power of God in incredible ways and witness redemption from an inside view. You will see lives changed, people saved, and broken lives made whole again in ways that only a Divine Being could mend.  


Your mom or dad or spouse may be the one technically on staff and technically doing the work, but they can't do it without you. They can't do it without your prayers and your support. They can't properly function in the role God has called them to without you encouraging them. Their work isn't all numbers and calculations. It's human relations. They relate with people everyday, including you. 


Some of you may be thinking, I wish my parents/spouse would relate with me. They're too busy with people in the Church to take notice at what is going on at home. This might be true. I know because I am that spouse who spends too much time on church work and I was that daughter who felt that way about her parents. They may be over committed and too concerned with others to really take inventory on their priorities. But that is also a space you can support them in. 


You can bring it to their attention gently and lovingly. At the heart of who they are, they care.  If they didn't, they wouldn't work at a church to begin with. They may just need a reminder to slow down and take notice of you. 


Prayer is your most powerful tool. Before you give up on your family or God, talk to Him. Tell Him about your frustrations or discouragement. Tell Him your anger and resentment. Then ask Him to give you His eyes to see what is really happening (Psalm 37:4, 1Pet 5:7). Ask Him to give your spouse/parents His eyes so they can recognize your hurt. 


Our God is faithful dear friends. He desires to see His people strengthened and families are a powerful display of His glory (Ephesians 5:21-6:8). The Enemy seeks to destroy families because he knows for every family he destroys, he affects many more generations to come. Don't give him a foothold in your life through bitterness. Pray and talk. Bring light to what can quickly become dark.


You are essential to the building of the Church. You are loved. You are valued. Don't ever forget that. 





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