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When You Need New Dreams to Breathe Life Into Your Soul

Originally published Sunday, 12 May 2019.

Of all the choices marked down in my journal, and the few days I have left to complete this series, I’m drawn to a choice I’ve yet to pen. It’s one which makes our hearts beat wild with excitement and fear all at the same time.

Could we dare? Would we dare? Do we dare?

Yes! With all that is within me, I am jumping up to dance with you & say, yes!

Whether you think it’s possible or not. Even if you think it’s too late or too hard, your God sees you. He knows where you are today, whether you are stuck or living well, and He has so much love to shine upon you. If only we could see a greater portion of what he sees today. If only we sought his face, putting our trust in the Father, and asked for more.

Out of streams where living water never ends, there is always more of God to see and explore.

Choose to dream, dear one.

Choose to Dream

Dream of living fully seen, fully known, and fully loved. Dream of living well and living free. Dream of seeing hearts and lives transformed around you. Dream of breakthroughs the likes of which you have never seen.

Dream of mountains moving and the earth shaking at the sound of a mighty God. Dream of demons running and hiding at the mention of Jesus’ name.

Dream of being so uniquely created and divinely purposed that only you can carry out the very thing God has put in you to do. Dream of how amazing that road to living well can be when it is paved by the One who leads you with love.

Dream, because these are the kinds of things made possible by the God we meet on the mountaintop. May the dreams we see with him in those moments, when we’re feeling good and full, be held in remembrance when we’re feeling empty and listless.

Have you given up long ago? That your dreams could come true and your life be made new?

Most of my life I’ve resisted living well because maybe that was for other people, not for me. I lived in fear. I’ve let my dreams suffocate for decades, until I realized that it was God who put those dreams within me. When I’ve allowed the breath of new life to resurrect dreams long dead, and they haven’t turned out like I thought they would, I’ve found the sweet spot of surrender so those dreams could be reshaped.

Where our visions become all about us, dreams are choked in selfishness. Whereas, surrendered dreams help us know His vision which changes everything. When our hearts find solace in the hands of a mighty Creator, dreams are reborn.

In elementary school I dreamed of acting. I saw posters go up for auditions in a nearby town and should have felt excited and nervous. Instead, I felt rejected. My dream hadn’t even stood up inside of me before being knocked down with lies of, “Who do you think you are?”

Eventually, I realized how the enemy was hard at work. He knows a soul who follows hard after God is one whom God uses to let his glory be seen.

Our dreams are life givers and kingdom builders. The enemy will always try to thwart them and lead us towards death. When we no longer dream, we no longer see the unique imprint of God in our lives and we have no motivation to let God’s light shine through us.

May we close our eyes and ask God to speak to us in the moments of quiet. May we take steps of activated faith when our hearts are nudged to move towards a dream. May we surrender the clenched cords of control when dreams become more about us than about Him.

When the enemy is digging his claws into our hearts and minds, find the crowbars of truth to dig lies out. May our dreams bring life into tired places and help us see the grandeur of a God who dreamed so big, we could be saved.

God is breathing new life into your heart today, friend. He has dreams for us beyond our wildest imagination and he gives us what we need to keep dreaming.

The welcome of a dream is like new life breathed into depleted souls.

CULTIVATE: Have you prayed about your dreams lately? Ask God about them and choose to keep on dreaming with the hope of his best come true.

NOTE: This article first appeared on joleneunderwood.com as "When You Need New Life Breathed Into Your Soul {Choose to Dream}