How The Devil Can Kill Your Destiny

Originally published Tuesday, 07 March 2017.

Got goals?  Ready to have that plan come to fruition? Then beware the pyrite pitfalls that can quell your new calling.  Unsuspecting prospectors were deceived by Fool’s Gold during the Gold Rush of 1848.  Little did they know that the pyrite mineral which they held in their hands was a far cry from the real deal.

  • Reaching for that long-awaited promotion.
  • Venturing out into the field of small-business entrepreneurship
  • Consistently hitting the gym or attending that exercise class.
  • Healing an estranged relationship with a loved one.
  • Wrapping up that coveted college degree.

Fool’s gold is alluring–it shines and dazzles–but this mineral is a sure counterfeit.

I liken pyrite to the ensnarement of Satan–a counterfeit angel of supposed light!

You better believe that our unseen enemy can pull at our heartstrings.

 He can use our very own emotions to thwart life plans.  His whispers are half-truths bent on destroying your potential.

Temporary allurements beckon.  One need only venture out to New York City’s Times Square for bombastic advertisements that offer the latest and greatest, but only for a season.

Pyrite Shows Up when We Are Pursuing Purpose.

  • An innocent business opportunity, when you're focused on your own endeavor.
  • A late-night text when you’re at your loneliest and weakest.
  • A colleague’s snide remark when you’re moody enough!
  • An emotional weakness by a loved one’s subtle dig.

So how can you counteract the power of Fool’s gold?

Choose Prudence over Pyrite Pitfalls

Spiritual discernment can save you from the destructive lies of spiritual pyrite.  Ask the Divine Alloy for spiritual clarity.  Prudence reminds us to think before we act.  It helps us to distinguish not only right from wrong, but it provides us with peace, knowing that we have chosen the best path or best decision for where we are in our lives currently.

Ask yourself: Am I spending time with people who support my goals? Am I venturing out on a path that will propel me into my God-given calling?  Are my group of friends really for me or just fickle folks who vie for my time?   

Exercise practical wisdom as well:

  • Cupboards filled with sweet snacks or healthy choices?
  • Assuming you’ll get an ‘A’ on that college mid-term with only minimal study?
  • Hoping for physical results without consistent activity?
  • Praying for a job promotion, but struggling to get to work bright and early?

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him–the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord–Isaiah 11:2.

As you walk out your lives for 2017, be PRUDENT.

I challenge you to counteract what pyrite offers by calling on the name of the Lord for wisdom.  Your goals can be met if you are operating in prudence. Praying that discernment will guide your steps for what is near and dear to your heart.