Learning to Make Lemonade

Originally published Tuesday, 27 August 2013.

We have all heard, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.”  But how do you do that?  Parenting struggles, money woes, or business concerns will surely rear their ugly head from time to time. 

As I embark upon those difficult tasks of parenting or managing money (or any of the dozens of other things we all face), I try to be positive, asking myself questions such as, “What can I learn from this?”  or “How will this make me better?” I have learned that my negative attitude towards the situation does nothing to improve it.  And in the process, I’ve learned to make lemonade.

Here’s what I’ve learned about making lemonade:

- Adding sugar always makes it better.

- Rotten lemons will always be rotten. Don’t try to mask them in your lemonade.

- Save the recipe.  You’ll need it again.

 Author/speaker, Jennifer Maggio, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on single parents and women’s issues. She is an award-winning author and founder of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries. She currently oversees one of the nation’s largest single moms support groups and has helped to launch more than 1500 others in churches around the globe. She is a regular on radio and television. For more information, visit http://www.thelifeofasinglemom.com.