Wounds that Spill Love

Originally published Monday, 30 March 2015.

I’ve been pondering all things holy: His death, resurrection, and reason for saving us. This time of year I can’t help but think about those torturous days two thousand years ago – how they changed the eternity of each one of us breathing. And I can’t stop reeling over the fact that the power of His first breath, which was taken in a dark tomb three days after the nails were driven, will lead me to my eternal home.

In those holy days He gave us power over the chains that continually try to bind us. He introduced grace and freedom in a way the world had never known before.

The cross is the crux of everything.

It must be the center of our belief system. We need to believe what He did in order to have any type of glimpse in to what He can do- In to what He will do.

And at the same time we can’t keep Him there – on that tree bloody, beaten, and bruised. The beauty in the story is His awakening from death that wanted so desperately to trap Him but couldn’t. His renewed breath became our new hope. And love continues spilling from His old wounds.

Love covers a multitude of sins and the covering of love opens our eyes. It seems crazy, doesn’t it? How something that covers us allows us to see. The ways of God won’t always make sense to the mind. We have to work it out in the heart.

And places of the heart can be scary. They are often dark and closed off. We work our whole lives to build walls inside that no man can penetrate.

But God…

My deepest hurts have led me to the deepest love. He continually tears down every wall I’ve ever tried to build.

The deepest love I have ever known has come from a God who gave everything for me – Who gave everything for you – Who gave everything for us all.

His death on the cross allowed the beauty of His breath, which gives us hope, life, and love.

May you find your home in His breath. May you always remember the cross as the center, but never take your focus off the hope in His breath of life that saved us all.

You are loved, and He thought of you the day He died. He thought of you again on the day He awoke from that death. And He thinks of you now as His wounds spill love all over your life.



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