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For When You Need a Respite From Reality

Originally published Wednesday, 18 March 2015.

I'm spending a week on the beach in Mexico. It's my once a year trip with my husband and close friends. We take a break from the norm and spend our days catching up on each other's lives. We laugh and eat and laugh and eat some more. And then we repeat the process.

It's been a hard year, and initially I came here for a respite from reality, but something else has occurred to me...

When we live a life hard after God - following His ways and living under the shelter of His wings, He is our reality. I don't ever want to escape Him. And the interesting thing is that I see Him here. I see Him in the smiles of people I've never met before and will probably never see again. I see Him in the beautiful turquoise sea and in the blue sky. I see Him in the laughter around me and the children running on the beach. His fingerprints are everywhere. They are unique and magnificent. And though I'm sure there are people here who haven't committed their lives to Him, I know He is working. In every heart and every life He holds on and never lets go. He chases us and whispers in our ears every single day until we meet Him before the throne.

Yes, I've had a tremendously difficult year and I'm in a season of grief. But I know God is faithful in every season. He goes wherever I go and calls me to Him. His love is strong and stubborn. It won't ever quit.

Regardless of your season, I want you to know that He can be your reality. Life is hard, but His love never fails. Even in the darkest moments He promises to stay with you. From now until forever He will be the space where you find breath. And it doesn't matter where you are. If you look for Him, you'll see Him.

Be blessed.



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