You Think You Have No Voice? Listen Carefully Now

Originally published Friday, 14 November 2014.

What is voice? How does one discover it, hear it, claim it? Why do we want it? Why do we thirst for it, search for it, wish we had it?

You know what it is. You know why you want it more than anything.

Because it is how you are made, His girl. You are made to live out that Voice.

It is to your voice that the Voice calls, my sisters. It is to your voice that He calls because you are made to sing loud with your voice--the beauty of you, the delicate-messy-wild-wonderfulness of how He made you.

Or whisper it.

Or place it gently around you.

Or wear it, bold and brazen, for the sake of the voices of the ones who believe, still, their voice is not heard. Or not meant to be heard. Or not worth being heard.

Oh, yeah, those are the voices who need your voice. Those are the voices who need you to listen to the Voice in you. Those are the voices who cry silent tears in barred, cold rooms. The rooms where their voice is silenced.

Because the Voice in them is yet unrecognized, unnoticed. They hear only a tenuous hush, a meek murmur. They don't hear yet the Voice calling, inviting them to sing.

So, that Voice in you? Listen closely to it now.

Listen to it's whisper. What you love. What makes you smile.

Listen to it's song. What you are made to do. What makes you angry, frustrated, sad.

Listen to how it is fullness within you, the way it gestures, and encourages, the way it tantalizes and promises only what is true: you are special, here, in this place, with Me.

And you know how you hear it? Do you know how you know it's song?

You have to practice listening to it. That Voice within you? It is meant to be heard, by you, in the way that you hear, in the way that you live--with your passions and your talents, with your imagination and your faith.

With your voice.

You practice listening to the Voice within you by living out loud with your own voice.

Living out loud in the quiet, deep inside you, in the place where He calls you, deep, deep inside.

You recognize the Voice through practicing--heeding how your voice depends upon the One Voice. How the voice you crave, you need, you chase down, is always in you.

So listen.

And sing out.

Loud now.

In the quiet.

And then.


We/you need to hear that v/Voice.

What is one challenge you face in trusting God's voice speaking, living, within you?