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Invention: the new book for men that will change everything

Originally published Tuesday, 16 May 2017.

Justin Camp is a guy I want you to meet. I kind of like him. I kind of like listening to what he has to say.

Okay, I am totally biased. This is the guy I married. And I like him. . . a lot. But, I promise, even if we weren’t married, and we didn’t work together, and we didn’t love cheering one another on . .  I would still want to profile him here. And it’s because his new book can be the gift you absolutely need.

Justin Invention

Invention is the resource that will change how you live, and how you experience God.

Justin’s new book, Invention: Think Different; Break Free from the Culture Hell-Bent on Holding You Back, is not just your normal “Christian guy” book. Invention is the much-needed guide for men who want the practical, real-life scoop on how to dig deep with God on who they are, how they’re made, what God has for them to do, and why it matters.

It is a book written for men–and you should absolutely grab a copy for every guy you know. But, as a woman who has read each word of this book–and all of its drafts over the years .  . . many times, I have to tell you, it is special. And you just might want to read it, too.

Each chapter begins with a story of an innovator–a regular guy, with not-so-regular dreams, who made choices to do the hard work of paying attention to what he loves to do. That desire, combined with this man’s natural talent and spiritual gifts, resulted in societal changes that have forever impacted the world. And then it’s the reader’s turn.

We are each designed to make that kind of difference–in our lives, and in the lives of others, too. And the book, Invention, shows you why and how.

Early readers have echoed, over and over, these three things about Invention:

  1. Invention allows them to better understand God and how much He loves them.

  2. Invention breathes energy and direction back into their lives.

  3. Invention speaks right to the hearts of men and what men are going through.

An opportunity for true life change? This is too good of an opportunity to miss.


Q) Invention seems to target a particular type of man. Who is that man? What’s he going through?

A) I think most men, believers or not, fall big-time for the lie that checking life’s boxes—a great job with a great title, a great big house and a great big bank account—will bring purpose and significance, peace and joy. But the truth is, only the Giver of Life can give us those precious things. Only our God and King can bring to our lives that kind of fullness—which we’re all made for, by the way.

Q) The book is full of stories about entrepreneurs and innovators from the great age of invention of the industrial revolution. Why did you decide to feature these in your book?

A) The idea was to use short, relevant “nano-histories” to captivate and engage Christian men—while, at the same time, teaching some really fundamental stuff about God and our identities in Him. I chose these particular men because I found their stories timely, given the current age in which we find ourselves, but also very applicable to the notion of identity. In them we find suffering and success, failure and grit, selfishness and sacrificial love. They’re human, and they are massively fascinating.

Q) Tell me about your story. What got you to where you are now and led to writing this book?

A) Well, I’m a guy who has spent a lot of time in the marketplace. I’ve been out there. I know firsthand what it feels like to push ahead not knowing where to go or what to do, in order to answer these momentous kinds of questions. But God gave me a “Jerry Maguire” moment and began to teach me about His intent for my life—mine specifically. And, I believe His intent involves me writing and being a catalyst for those kinds of moments in the lives of other men.


“a life changing experience”

“Amazing Book”

“Thank you for this!!”

“Invention has revitalized my heart and mind”

“incredible book”

“blows the roof off of all the lies we’ve been made to swallow”

“Love this book”

“This book will spark many flames”

“an amazing read”

“I can see this book helping a ton of Christian men out there who, like me, seem to have lost their sense of direction”

Invention is, at last, a clear blueprint for men to discover their God-given identity—their spiritual gifts, calling, and much more. New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas called the book “a super, startling, step-by-step guide for Christian men.”

Here’s the big news:

You can find Invention at AmazonBarnes & NobleChristianBook.com, and many other bookstores.

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What do you think? Does this sound like a book to get excited about?

This post appeared originally at jenniferjcamp.com