How to Believe in a God You Can’t See

Originally published Thursday, 17 September 2015.

Curious how faith is like a hummingbird some days. Zipping here. Hovering. Then flitting away. I can forget God, so easily. And then remember him again, a few minutes later. What patience he has with me. I wonder if this is faith at all.

Faith is believing in what you can’t see? I can struggle to see God even in the tangible.

We are given a challenge: set our heart on the things above while not ignoring both the struggle and the joy of the present.

Train our eyes, our heart, to see you, God.

I like imagining heaven. I think about how we will see each other, so differently, how true beauty will be made manifest, how we won’t be distracted by the physicality of things, as we are now. Beauty will be radiating in ways we could never before perceive. We will see God with new eyes, too, his magnificence infusing everything. We will no longer be blind to him, in the ways he is here, with us, in all moments, in all things.

I want  faith that stays and does not fly away, distracted by this need, this desire, this dissatisfaction in what I can and cannot see. 

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