When Your Heart Needs a Little Surgery

Originally published Friday, 13 February 2015.

It’s heart health month according to the American Heart Association. Appropriate that we think about the condition of our hearts and improvements to our tickers that makes all internal systems click together well.  When it comes to spiritual heart health though a healty dose of grace brings major improvements.

Recently, God has brought some health to my spiritual heart in ways that only He can.  He performed some much needed heart surgery on a very open wound within a major sore spot.  I can’t describe the feeling of healing except to say, what was missing is now full.

I feel more complete than I can remember.  There is such satisfaction in knowing that God is perfecting you every step of the way in becoming more like Him.  The hard part is the overcoming of yourself to get to that place of healing.  The first step in changing to be more like Him is to let go of what hasn’t worked in the past.  The hard part is letting go of what has caused the damage, the lies that dwell within and have taken root, and let His grace come into wash and overwhelm you.

What you will find in this journey towards home is many barriers that distance you from God’s heart.  The world is full of those reminders or barriers.  Those barriers fester lies in our lives.  The lies feeds infection and skews our view of God.  We limp along in state that just gets us by, yes, but doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter until you put your heart on the altar.

We must give God our whole heart, not just the pieces we want Him to fix.
So when the Holy Spirit points to a wound in your life that needs healing you can only do one thing, that is let yourself be healed in ways that only God can.  After all, my useless efforts to fix myself have only benefited in more lies I have swallowed about myself.

You see, lies are like a infection and God’s Word is the cure.  I admitted to God that something was missing, He showed me a place that needed healing, and then I let His Spirit do some spiritual surgery which brought healing to my heart, a place that only God grace’s could fill.  It was that easy, but yet so hard and teary.

Because I was willing to put my whole heart on the line, I am so full in my heart that had a sore place and had some love pieces missing.  When there are missing pieces in your soul you have to let your heart do the listening with an obedient ear.  His healing is what your heart is longing for as it’s the perfect kind of balm for our lives.

When you experience this kind of spiritual fix, it’s like God’s love is washing over you like a waterfall of grace.  It’s a healing in your most inmost parts of how He has designed.  In the divine halls of your heart, do you need a little fixing today?  Can you say that a little spiritual heart surgery might be needed in your life?

The point I’m making is not to highlight my healing but it’s to point to the healing that is needed in all of us, under the same waterfall of God’s grace and mercy.

Our DNA is divine.  When we look to the world to comfort us, or fix us or fill us it will fail us in the ways that matter the most to us.

The divine indwelling is never earned by any natural behavior whatsoever or any religious ritual, but only recognized and realized (Romans 11:6, Ephesians 2:1-10), and fallen in love with God’s pure grace, His unending forgiveness, and His boundless Love.

To put is simply, you must simply be ready to receive all that God has for you in places that you are trying to fix yourself.  In doing so, you will be both underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the boundless mystery of your own humanity.  What increases is the wonder of God in your transformation and healing.

You too can stand under the same waterfall of mercy to receive God’s undeserved radical grace, which waters the “roots” of everything, our souls, hearts and minds.

Without that underlying experience of God as our cleansing source, it’s almost impossible to live in the now, in the fullness of who we are, to view God’s mercy and enjoy His presence.  His healing keeps us near the waterfall of Grace and heals the sore places that the world inflicts on us.  This type of surgery takes divine intervention.  It takes diving into His healing to bring your divine DNA to a healed place.

Where do you need a divine healing today?