Dear Graduate,

Originally published Sunday, 03 May 2015.












Let’s face it.  We are all on a journey to find our purpose.  Some of you are just beginning to look, like the graduates who are pressing their caps and gowns at this very moment.  Some of you don’t know where you put your diploma.  Some of you have your shingle hanging for everyone to see.  Yes, some of you know what you were meant to do and are doing it with intention.

This post is for you.

If you know, I offer you a high five!  That’s awesome, incredible, and amazing.  When you know, I say RUN with the flow!  I think I heard that on a beach somewhere.  It’s really cool to be in the right place doing what you do and you loving it.  Most of the people I know, though, are unhappy in doing what they do.  They hate their jobs and wish they were doing something else.

I have found the secret to knowing a purpose driven happiness in life.  It begins in your head and your heart.  That’s right you heard me, it wasn’t a assignement from school.

There was a little boy who served in his church day and night.  As it happened one late night, the little boy was still serving and became tired, so tired that he fell asleep on the floor.  There was only a small lamp lighting the room.  All of a sudden from a deep sleep, the little boy heard his name being called out.  He woke up and went to his pastor to see why he was calling him.  His pastor was asleep and sent him away.  The little boy returned to his place again.  His name was called a second time and yet again he inquired of his pastor, “Did you call my name?”  No, the pastor had not said a word, but encouraged him that if it happened again to respond to the voice speaking, “…your servant is listening.”

Confused, the boy laid down again in his place.  The Voice came again and the boy responded as he was told.  It was on this day the purpose of this young boy knew what he was designed for.  The boy’s name is Samuel and he was visited by God.  This came in a season where people didn’t recognize who God was nor did they hear Him speak.  You can read the story in 1 Samuel 3.

I find this fascinating that this young man had heart intentions of serving God from his very beginning.  That is due the prayers of his mother who was longing for a child, as she had been barren for years.  One day she cried out to the Lord from her spirit’s language in church.  Her pastor spoke a prophetic word over her and she her faith increased to know that soon she would be blessed with a child.  She gave birth to a son and named him Samuel.  When her desires were fulfilled, she didn’t take the blessing of her child’s life for herself.  She dedicated her son’s life to the Lord first and in doing that, the Lord established Samuel’s course.

We don’t hear about Samuel again until later when he’s old enough to serve in the temple.  Because of the prayers of a mom, a child knows his purpose.  Because of the actions of his parents, a child is trained in his life’s calling.  Because of the devotion of a momma’s heart, the Lord honored her request.

Why is this such a big deal to discover your purpose?  Because somewhere in the world, be it your parents, your family, your adopted parents, caregiver, whoever, they are all all speaking life and love over you right now.  All the parents that pray for the kids please raise your hand?  What are we praying for our kids?  To discover their purpose in this world!

What causes parents to pray? Honestly, we feel like most days we have missed the boat on what God has for us, and want better for our children.  I don’t pray success that comes from a person’s hands, I pray for God’s promotion in their lives so they could know Jesus as Lord and Savior first, then that their relationship would prosper according to the plans that the Lord has set for them.

“The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.”  Proverbs 16:9

It all starts with a relationship with your Holy Parent.  Our Father in Heaven wants to impart His direction on your life.  We have a relational God who loves us infinitely and more abundantly that our earthly parents.  To know and discover your purpose in life, what your calling is, what you were designed for, and what your next step is, you have to know God who established His design in you beforeyou were conceived.

Recently I overheard a conversation from outside a closed door.  There were several men gathered in a white design room.  I heard them talking about making a daughter and it was if they were all standing in front of a shelf filled with drawers with specific gifts, emotions, talents and characteristics.  They were getting handfuls of this and that.  One of them came to a drawer labeled “writer”.  One of the men said, “She’s going to need ALL of this gift.”  There was a holy clattering.  All that was heard was the entire contents of the drawer being emptied into the soul of the person they were designing.

Think about the holy conversations that have been said about you, your children, your children’s children, your generational line.  Encourage them with life and love and certainly God’s promotional design that has been established in their lives.  It’s the best words of encouragement I can give to a graduate.

What words of advice do you have for graduates?