Stories Around the Web - May 6

Originally published Friday, 06 May 2016.


How's your week been? It's done nothing but rain here, but I don't mind too much- my garden is bursting with blooms and the grass is such a vibrant green! If you're also waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow, here are a few cool things I've found around the web this week that I think you'll love too. Happy Reading!

A Letter to Moms from Joanna Gaines - There's so much junk on TV, which is maybe why I'm so in love with Joanna and Chip Gaines' Fixer Upper. And I love Joanna's blog and this post in particular-- as a working mama myself, I love reading her heart for her kids and making time to celebrate the little things together. 

When Wonder Finds You - Oh Nicole. How did you know exactly how I'm feeling this week? Wonder says remember you are a child. Wonder says the one who made this made you. Wonder sings a song of delight, of small and glorious living with a big and spectacular God. And I reached my hands to the sky, I remembered I am small and He is big, and I ran back home knowing that He does, in fact, restore my soul.

Stop Calling Your Wife Hot - All the yeses and amens to this. Can we just ban the phrase "smokin' hot wife" from social media? Maybe you disagree, but I think Barnabas nails it here. 

Don't Call Me the Best Mom Ever - In a similar vein, Christianity Today contributor Courtney Reissig articulates a lot of what I've been feeling about our need to label (or hashtag) ourselves and others. "It’s a Supermom contest or a Mom Fail contest on the one day a year we should be loved for simply being a mom." 

Nichole Nordemon, Slow Down - Oh my goodness. If you need me, I'll just be here in puddle in the corner. I'm not normally super sentimental when it comes to videos like this, but for some reason this hits me in all the feels.  

What about you-- what did you read, listen to or watch this week? Share with me in the comments and if I love it too, I'll share it next week!

Take care of yourself and have a happy weekend!