You have a message!

Originally published Monday, 18 April 2016.

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of chatting with a ministry leader from Miami via FaceTime. I discovered her ministry through an Instagram post and immediately had a heart connection with their mission statement.

One Direct Message later, we exchanged phones numbers and set up a time for both of us to share our hearts regarding ministering to teen girls and young women.

Technology can be so awesome sometimes!

What I discovered through our conversation is that even in the midst of our similarities, God is speaking through us in different ways.

We each have a message to share that brings hope and healing to this broken world.

Although I have been sharing my testimony for the last two years, recently, I have been asking the Lord to reveal even more to me about my message.

I know, as a Christian, my primary message to the world is the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I believe each of us has a special way that we deliver the gospel through our life-message.

What is a life-message?

Well, I believe it is simply our own personal story that God has written and is continuing to write with each passing day- our experiences, our struggles, our pain, our brokenness, our joys, our challenges, our discoveries, and our accomplishments that He has so intricately woven together for His glory.

There is something that you have gone through that is supposed to bring hope to someone else who is going through that exact same thing.

Even if you can’t give them all the answers to help them through their situation, you can help them not feel alone. 

A mighty man of God that I know once said:

God doesn’t waste anything, not even our mistakes.

Nothing in your life is a coincidence.

There is purpose in that mistake. There is purpose in that pain. There is purpose in that victory!

Your message is a sign-post for someone else’s journey to encourage them to not give up and if you are still going through a difficult time, you can walk through it together!

I encourage you to meditate on your life-story and ask the Lord how He might want you to start sharing it with the people around you.

Let us get bold and share hope with others…

…the hope that Jesus’ love is unfailing and ever-satisfying!

Yielded in His Hands

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