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Run YOUR Race

Originally published Monday, 01 June 2015.

Figuring out your heavenly assignment takes time with the Father to hear His voice and to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit leading and guiding you every step of the way.Some assignments are obvious just because of location and placement. You know what to do because of where He has you during that season in your life: your job, your neighborhood, your church home, your place of ministry, etc. Some location assignments are life-long and some are only for a certain period of time and the Lord will move you from one place to another to reach people.

It requires time in God’s Presence and time in His Word to hear more specific instructions regarding your assignment though. If you listen closely to the Holy Spirit, He will guide your every step and every word the Lord is asking you to speak to help advance the Kingdom.


More of You and less of me kind of mentality.CLICK TO TWEET

All the time.

Right now, my locations are laid out before me, yet my assignments are unclear to me. If you are not taking the time out of your day to sit in God’s Presence or read His Word, your assignment will remain unclear. And the enemy does not want you to be aware of your assignment and wants you to remain idle and inactive for the Kingdom. He will try to stop all action that the Lord wants you to initiate and try his absolute best to silence your voice. This is what has happened to believers. We either take control of our own lives and proceed with our plans and ignore the Lord’s leading or we become drifters and do not take action at all.

I’ll go wherever the wind blows me and do whatever makes me happy or feels right” mentality.

But we are called to be soldiers in the army of God with a Kingdom assignment/mission that will push back the forces of darkness! That requires action! That requires a Kingdom mindset!

But the enemy will use all in his arsenal to keep us fixated on ourselves. If he can get us to become self-absorbed, he can stop advancement of the Kingdom. The most important thing we can do is cast all of our cares upon the Lord and He will take care of the results. Our job is to pray and obey His instructions. Our job is to be vessels for the Lord to use to flow through to reach people. This requires surrender of your will and complete humbleness and obedience.

But it is all worth it. Being in the middle of God’s will every moment you can, is so totally worth it.

Not only do I need to keep my eyes on the race set before me, but what will keep me motivated is the prize…Jesus. It isn’t the position…it isn’t the ministry…it isn’t the environment that my eyes need to be fixated on. It is Jesus- the Prize at the end of the race which we are always running towards.And the enemy wants nothing more than to get you to focus on anything BUT Jesus. He doesn’t want you to know that Jesus is the solution to whatever you are struggling with. He doesn’t want you to know that Jesus is the only One who can satisfy your hunger for wholeness. He wants you distracted, confused, and constantly searching.

And do you know where you find Jesus?

The Word.


Jesus was the Word made flesh when He came to earth and He STILL is.CLICK TO TWEET


Are you looking for Jesus?

Are you looking for the Prize? Can you see Him in front of you as you’re running your race?

If you can’t, then maybe your eyes are not looking in the right place.Are your eyes focused on the Word of God or are they focused everywhere else but the Word? Make sure you know when your focus is. Keep your eyes on the Prize of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.