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My First Book Fair Experience

Originally published Monday, 09 November 2015.

STL, Christian, author, book fair, Inspired Overflow, author, Emily Rose Massey, Yielded in His Hands

Saturday was my first ever book fair as an author! I’m forever grateful to Kacie Starr Long from Inspired Overflow for organizing this event so that many authors, like myself, were able to share their stories with more people in our city!

I’m hoping to see this book fair continue annually here in St. Louis so we can watch it grow and reach more people for Christ!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was open to share as much of my story as the Lord would allow. What I discovered is that my “pitch” changed with each person that walked up to my table. I would give a general summary of the basis of the book, but when it came to certain details, the Holy Spirit definitely spoke a special message through me to each individual, so specific to every person. As I shared a little more about my struggles, I saw each person’s eyes change and then they began to open up about their own similar struggles and pain. Without fail, they would say to me, “I’ve dealt with that too.”

It strengthened my faith to see the Lord use these small windows of conversation as ministry opportunities. Those who needed to hear more hope that my story of redemption and healing definitely displays, purchased my book, and I was able to write an encouraging note to them on the inside.

In addition to meeting so many awesome readers and book fair attendees, I was able to chat with other authors and encourage them in their journey. These were definitely some divine appointments and I’m excited to see how God continues to build relationships over time.

I’m truly thankful for this journey the Lord is taking me on, as I trust completely in His leading, waiting on His timing and instruction. I don’t want to get out ahead of Him or make a move without His hand guiding every single step.

In a season that should be bare, I’m seeing flowers of God’s promises budding on the branches.

Expecting mighty things ahead!