Grace that Transforms

Originally published Tuesday, 16 August 2016.

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I have felt stirred to document what the Lord has been doing in my heart lately, but I have had trouble finding the right words.

He’s drawing me to Himself in a way that I haven’t experienced in quite awhile. In areas in my life where I have seen a lot of barrenness, I am starting to see the budding flowers that I know will eventually become fruit.

The promises of Spring are calling my name. Grace like rain is softening this dry heart of mine.

Grace causes us to worship God. Every time.CLICK TO TWEET

We can’t help but respond to God in this way.

For me, often, giving up earthly pleasures is a way I worship God.

I used to think that I HAD TO give up earthly pleasures for God to hear my cries, my prayers better.

Quite contrary, when I freely lay down earthly pleasures that can ultimately distract me from the Lord, I can hear Him better.

Earthly pleasures are not bad or evil, but they can distort our focus and devotion to God if we allow them to have too much room in our heart and mind.

By casting aside those earthly distractions, I am free to experience unhindered communion with my Father, and I am able to still my soul to receive all that He has for me.

For almost two years, as a new mom, I have attempted to still my soul in my own strength. I have tried to recreate my quiet time that I used to have before my son was born.

God never changes but I have changed, and I believe the Lord has taught me how to seek Him in new ways so that I do not grow comfortable or complacent in my prayer life. He has also taught me not to judge my prayer life with earthly measurement= time.

Often we forget that God is not bound by our human standard of time:

But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3:8 NKJV).

So if one day in heaven equals a thousand years here on earth, how much do you think God can accomplish with our five minutes with Him?

I am learning to receive God’s grace in this area of my life because like I said, it doesn’t look the same as it did before I became a mom. I have occasionally beat myself up for this, thinking that I haven’t been “pulling my weight” to see change happen in me.

Friends, God doesn’t need you to spend hours and hours and hours in His Presence for Him to do a deep work in your heart.

Sure, those hours and hours and hours are amazing because I enjoy just spending time with God, but not required for the Lord to change me in major ways.

It is by His Spirit that He will change me, in His time. He calls us to partner with His Spirit, yes, but our effort alone is not what transforms us.

I’m thankful that He is renewing my mind when I center my thoughts on Him and posture myself to receive His truth that is found in His Word.

Just reading through this post is evidence that the Lord is breaking off those legalistic ways and aligning my thoughts to reflect His grace and truth, and that is exactly why Jesus came.

For the law was given by Moses, butgrace and truth came by Jesus Christ (John 1:17 KJV).

Yielded in His Hands

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