How I Cut Back On Crazy

Originally published Monday, 30 April 2012.


Every so often, and maybe a whole lot,  as a mom I have to stop and ask myself: “Who is driving this thing?”  

Because I get caught up.

I get caught up in crazy.

If you’re a mom, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about and I don’t have to say another word!

But in case you’re not a mom, here’s what it means to get caught up in crazy:

It has to do with our current parenting culture of trying to do it all, plan it all, anticipate it all, control it all, make it all come out well.  These efforts are bold and beautiful, but they are impossible!  And that’s where the “crazy” comes in.

I’m not sure when this became part of the American fabric, but for better or worse, that’s part of our parenting culture today.

There are so many times when I see clearly how messed up it can be, but that doesn’t stop me from jumping in, both feet first!

But not yesterday.

Instead, yesterday, I did the things that matter most.

Because I:

  • baked with the kids, and got flour all over the kitchen
  • sang with my family at the top of our lungs
  • read the Bible at the dining table, and shared all the things we could thank God for
  • went for a bike ride, and got caught in the rain
  • paid attention to paying attention
  • and said, “I love you” a whole lot of times, all day long

So what about you and the people you love?  Do you get caught up too?

I think so many of us struggle with the pace and intensity of modern family life.  Yet we yearn to climb off the runaway train and get down to what matters most.

I believe that with attention and intention, we can do itWe can decide that just being together is infinitely precious and worthwhile. And then follow through with how we spend our time.

It doesn’t have to be a marathon of fun all day every day – that’s not realistic either!

But it’s those small choices with our time we make, day in and day out, that start to add up.

Maybe the little start I had yesterday can grow up into something bigger.

And maybe it can give you a little start, too.

Question:  Do you ever find yourself caught up in a fast-paced family lifestyle?  What do you do to slow down and enjoy one another? 


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