Quit Flintstonin', Start Invisionin'.

Originally published Tuesday, 15 April 2014.

Raise your hand if you are thankful for the invention of the automobile.

Yep- everybody.

Raise your hand if you are thankful for the insanely intelligent creativity behind the Apple products.

Yep- most people.

Raise your hand if you are thankful for the person who created fried snickers.

Yep- all my people.


New things.

It’s crazy to think about what it would’ve been like before automobiles, telephones, televisions and light, isn’t it?!

Back to the automobile: Mr. Henry Ford was the mastermind behind the first automobile.

Someone recently reminded me of a key characteristic, and ultimately driving force, that Mr Ford possessed: Vision.

He had a vision in mind.

His idea was not a romantic idea he slightly believed in; it was a deep and determined direction he knew he was going.

Did everyone understand his vision?


No way!

In fact, when asked about what he told others about his journey to the creating the automobile, he said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

In other words, he knew that people would not understand.

And he didn’t expect them to!

It didn’t hurt his feelings that he had to be his own cheerleader because he knew his vision was special, unique and specific.

As I really started to think about this, it kinda baffled my mind.

Like there were ZERO cars floating (driving, same thing) around at this point.

He couldn’t ask for confirmation in those around him because they really had nothing to compare it to!

He couldn’t really ask for someone else’s view of a picture that they didn’t even know to exist.

The potential he saw was because of the position God placed him in- one of creativity, influence and determination to change the world in a way that had never been done before.

This makes me think about myself—do I abandon the opinion of the crowd to follow a voice I know can change the world?

Am I okay with those around me not “understanding” or even seeing the vision I have for my dreams, for my life, for God’s Kingdom?

I would like to say HECK YES!!!

But the reality is, I often let the lack of affirmation of others stop me from listening to the one Voice of affirmation that has already said, “Go. Invent.”

I hear someone tell me to “be realistic” with myself and there I go again, allowing the crowd to determine the picture I paint when have no clue about the dreams inside of my heart.

I can’t get angry with them.

I can’t claim that they don’t “support” me.

Sometimes, even those who claim that they have my best interest at heart and want to protect me, don’t have access to the chambers of my soul.

But Jesus does.

And much like He did with Abraham, Noah, Joseph and Henry Ford, he places a vision in our minds that is bigger than our present circumstances and often inconceivable to the outside world.

After all, if every vision was recycled or predictable, there would be no fried snickers or automobiles.

We all would be flintstonin’ it around eating saltines.

How fun does that sound?!?!


I guess what I am saying is this:

First and foremost, spend time with Jesus. He made you, created you and knows every part of you- your dreams aren’t hidden from Him.

Second, seek His vision for your life. The bright, bold colors He wants you to reach for and the picture He has given you for your canvas.

Third, before you start painting, remind yourself that not everyone, and often no one, will understand your vision. But you can remain bold, confident and steadfast because if God is for you, who can be against you?

Four, start painting. Start mixing colors. Start going outside the lines. Start weaving and writing and creating and inventing your story and how it will weave into the world around you. What difference will you make?

Five, stay focused on Jesus. It all comes full circle. The first step was spending time with Him and the last one is remaining focused on Him. Those that keep a steady eye have a much easier time holding a firm hand. If you focus on the crowd, your painting will begin to look like their picture.

But it is yours to paint.


It changes you.

It changes those around you.

 It changes the whole wide world.

Don’t you want to be a person who is willing to sacrifice the opinion of the crowd in order to impress the Master? 

I do.

Stop flinstonin’, start invisionin’.

You are wonderful and I believe in your vision, even when I can’t see all the details you do!

Have a GREAT day, friends!!! 

“Let this encourage God’s holy people to endure persecution patiently and remain firm to the end, obeying his commands and trusting in Jesus.” -Revelation 14:12