Ain't No Mountain High Enough.

Originally published Thursday, 13 June 2013.

Okay, do me a favor.

Imagine yourself a year ago.

Trace your mind back to what you were doing, what job you had, what friends were in your life, what school you were going to or whatever your circumstances were.

Now think about your worries during that time, your BIGGEST prayer requests and the things that kept you up at night.

Have they changed?  Improved?

Or maybe they were just completely removed from your life?

I’m not sure what your prayer list looked like at the time, but thinking back to mine, I am in awe of who God is.


Because those problems, those concerns, those circumstances, that felt like mountains I was simply unable to climb or see over- well, they’re gone.

Now, I am not suggesting that all of our problems and life circumstances went into a Disney dream mixer or under a magic spell and just BAM, life is crazy good.

But if you think about how far God has taken you since then, doesn’t it just blow your mind.

EVEN IF your life circumstances are the same, maybe God has just renewed your mindset and provided you with a fresh perspective.

I would argue that there is no possible way- not even a 0.0001% chance, that you have the exact same perspective about the exact same problem that you had a year ago IF you have been spending time with the man upstairs.

It’s impossible.

God always = transformation and growth.

Maybe not direct circumstantial change, because He ALWAYS knows what is best, but the inside of you?

Well, you just see things a little differently.

After reflecting on my life a year ago, I started wondering, where will I be a year from now?

It made me see the “mountains” in my life a little differently and life felt a lot more possible

Because it is.

Because Jesus.

So, today, I am writing down my current prayer requests, the challenges I am going through and the perspective I have on them.

I would bet that if I check this baby out, even in three months, things will be different.

Life is short.

Your worries feel big.

But they are small compared to your God.

The truth of the matter is, it is far more about who you BECOME by journeying through this life than what you do while becoming it.

Stay encouraged and remember how far your God has already brought you!

Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep your God from gettin’ to YOU baby!

Thinking of you, friends!