Overcoming Shame from Sexual Sin

Originally published Friday, 26 January 2018.

Hello Beloved,

It feels like forever since I’ve dropped a video but the wait is over. I’m BACK  with a new video just for you!

About sex.

“Whoa, Christina! Slow your roll! It’s too early in the year to go there” you say.

I understand. We haven’t even gotten far enough in 2018 to break any of our New Year resolutions and here I am trying to go deep.

“Why,” you ask? Because what will hold us back this year is not talking about the issues we don’t want to talk about. And since being lead by our feelings is so 2017, we’re going there sis. The good thing for us we’re not alone. We’re joined by Titania Paige from Life Before Eternity to discuss:

  • Common misconceptions women believe when it comes to sexual purity.
  • Practical steps to live a sexually pure life.
  • How to move past guilt and shame from past and current sexual sin.

I know this is heavy stuff but it's a topic that many women slide into my email box to talk about. To tell me how she wishes she could stop watching porn or break up with their boyfriend who doesn't support her desire to save sex for marriage, or how the shame and guilt from her past mistakes stop her from believing God could want a woman like her.

Oh, but He does!

So we're shedding light on a topic the devil wants to keep in the dark. We're covering you with the truth of God that breaks strongholds and love of Christ that sets us free from sin once for all time. We also have a lot of fun too!

If you have a hard time believing that or trusting that sex really is worth the wait, please don't delete this email. Click play (even if this topic makes your heart sink to your stomach) and watch this video.(You can also listen to the audio only)

At the very least, watch Titania's prayer for you at the end of the video. Prayer is always the first step towards a pure life because we just can't do it without Him. Luckily for us, we don't have too.

Once you've watched the video comment and let me know what was your biggest takeaway from the conversation.

And if you know a sista-friend struggling in this area make sure this email finds its way in her inbox. Thanks for sharing the beloved!

Love always,


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