"She Did What She Could"

Originally published Tuesday, 24 September 2013.

This past weekend, a bunch of women from our church threw us a baby shower and one of my favorite elements of it was that at the end, they took turns praying for me, my husband, our baby and the new journey ahead for us all, as well as writing me notes of encouragement, advice and prayers as I embark on motherhood.

As the dawn of motherhood is nearly at hand, there was one particular verse that a friend shared that has touched my heart deeply and that I am treasuring as I get ready for all the unknowns ahead:

"She did what she could...." Mark 14:8 (This is in the context of the women of Bethany anointing Jesus' head with an alabaster jar of expensive perfume. Everyone else around the table rebuked her for her actions, but Jesus commended her effort. Because she did what she could.)

Even now, I must remember this encouragment that as long as I'm doing what I can to follow the Lord and seek him and (in the coming days or weeks) raise my child up for His glory and learn the self-sacrfice of motherhood, then Jesus sees that and let's it be enough.

He is kind and merciful to fill in the cracks for us, for me, for my child, so that where my enough falls short, he makes up the difference and commends it. He sees through the mistakes and the lacking and makes my earnest effort enough.

I believe that during those sleepless nights and trying tantrums, those five words will be a balm to my soul, providing the hope and reassurance I need to keep on going, doing what I can, and trusting God to do the rest.

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