Just Enough Light

Originally published Friday, 26 July 2013.

Recently, I had lunch with a friend at the local coffee shop. Every time I eat there, I get the same thing---chicken salad. It's so good! However, that day they had ran out of my favorite dish. What was I to do?! I honestly didn't know what to order. Chicken salad was what I wanted, it's what I like, it's what I had planned to eat all morning for lunch.

Sometimes, life feels that way.

You look up at God and think this isn't the life I ordered, this isn't the life I had planned, so what is it You want me to do?

Life isn't what you expected at this moment and you're at a loss of which road to take, which direction to go.

I have a tendency when I'm confused and don't know what to do to not want to do anything. I get scared that I'll make the wrong choice, so I freeze up and don't take any action. But, I'm learning that regardless of what I do, if I'm moving, if I'm trying to push on and do what I think God wants me to, He will make His plan work out even if I mess up.

God is mighty; His plan will always prevail.

Even if I make the wrong decision, He will still use me and if I let Him, He will turn that wrong choice into something beautiful. But, He can't do that if I'm not willing to get up and do something. He doesn't want me standing still.

If you find yourself in one of those confusing don't know what to do situations, keep moving, keep pushing forward, keep exploring the options and most importantly, keep praying for God to shine His light on your situation. He probably won't show you the entire staircase, but He'll give you just enough light for the next step.