Need some hope to start your new year?

Originally published Friday, 04 January 2013.

January is supposed to be a month of new beginnings, but for many moms the parade into the new year just brings more of the same: depression, weariness, and a lack of hope that things will ever get better.

This mothering gig is hard work, and it doesn't really matter if you stay home with your children or work outside of the home. Most moms, regardless of their work status, want the very best for their children, but all too often, mothering leaves us drained, worried, and desperate for a touch from God.

Here's an excerpt from my latest book, Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess:

A mother’s heart labors over her children. Pulling, tugging, coaxing, dragging, pushing, begging . . . all in the name of love.

Those of us who really look see our children not just as they are, but as they can be, might be one day. Something beautiful, something great. A work of art. Lives that were once knit together in our wombs or hearts, fearfully and wonderfully made, beautifully fashioned after the image of God. We look with longing and wonder what the Master Weaver might create.

It’s sweaty work—manual labor of the most intense kind because it requires more than just body. Mothering demands body, soul, mind, and heart. And when the work doesn’t pay off . . . when the pulling and tugging and coaxing and dragging and pushing and begging and praying don’t seem to change anything, we can be left empty, exhausted, worn down. Wanting to just give up. Weary.

If you can relate . . . if you're one of those moms who needs a tall glass of hope to start off your new year, I've got some good news for you!

On January 7th, 2013 we're starting a book club based on the Hope for the Weary Mom book! Hope for the New Year is going to be an amazing time to come together as moms to focus on the hope we have in Christ. Believe me, you're going to want to come and bring your friends.

 To learn more about joining us, visit the Hope for the Weary Mom website. You'll find encouragement and details for signing up for the study. 

Sweet mama, if you need to be amazing for your kids, but you're just fresh out of amazing, this is the study for you. Join us!