Where to Look for Help

Originally published Monday, 11 March 2013.

Often when we are in need of emotional or physical help our eyes shift from one problem to another. The Bible tells us that our help comes from the LORD who made heaven and earth.

On Thursday's, we venture into God's creation as a family. Gazing at the intricate details of blooms, blossoms, and bugs turns my thoughts towards God's creative genius. Is it any wonder that genius and Genesis- a word that means beginning- look so similar? God's creative genius was the genesis that set our world in motion. With his spoken word He created all that our eyes see...and all that they are unable to see.

God does not despise a contrite heart for that is the heart that He delights to use. When we are downcast, and in need of help, our gaze should look up for strength, help, and direction from the Maker of all that we see before us.

If, in trying times we focus on that which is our obstacle then our self-pity may get the better of us and defeat will be our mantra. However, if we lift up our eyes to the LORD we see the One who has overcome sin and death on our behalf, and He will faithfully guide us in the path of righteousness and wisdom. We are to lift our eyes up, then walk in His ways.

No work is too great for the God who has created everything from nothing. Let's lift our eyes today friends.