15 Things I Don't Do Well

Originally published Tuesday, 20 August 2013.

A few years ago I read a fellow blogger's post about things she didn't do well. I loved the concept and wish I could find the post again.

We as a society put on our happy face for Facebook pictures, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Likewise, bloggers, while often writing about the mishaps of life, also post only flattering images, picturesque scenes, and happy endings.  It is possible after reading bloggers for sometime to idealize them.

For those who know me in real life, this is not an issue. Amen?!

Just in case I post more of what I do right rather than the grace-based life I live, here is a bird's eye-view of things that I don't do well (in random order).

  1. Getting laundry out of the wash before I have to rewash the load.
  2. Flossing teeth.
  3. Cashing checks in a timely fashion. My mom almost refuses to give me a check anymore. I am trying to do better in this area. :)
  4.  Buying organic. I don't do this unless it is on sale. I know there are certainly health benefits but the cost is astronomical and I can't bring myself to do this.
  5. Making my kids eat their vegetables. We really need to work on veggie intake. They love fruit, but very few veggies make the cut.
  6. Finishing one book before starting another. (I am in the middle of  at least four presently.)
  7. Reading all the books that I purchase. I shop for bargain used books almost weekly and have a running list in my head of classics to look out for. I am afraid to count the total number of unread books in my household; that may lead to another post altogether!
  8.  Buying everything at the grocery store in one trip a week. Gracious! We make several trips to the grocery store. Thankfully there are two within walking distance so this isn't a issue.
  9.  Meal planning. (Hence the preceding point.) A few weeks ago I declared that I would make one Pinterest recipe a week. This has helped increase the average nights a week that I cook and also make it fun. Pretty much, it is a game time decision on what to cook for dinner with the ingredients that I have.
  10.  Letting my kids play in the grass. We stay in the water and sand during the summer months, but until it cools off we don't dig in the dirt as often as we could. I am too afraid of snakes and critters to romp in the grass very often.
  11. Dusting.
  12. Staying on task when I am cleaning. I go from one cleaning project to another. I am a little ADD when it comes to cleaning. I easily trail off chasing bunnies and clean from one spot to the next.
  13.  Keeping in touch with friends and family who are out of town.
  14. Converting my videos to DVD's for our family to watch.
  15. Spelling...and grammar.

Thankfully the Christian life is not a checklist akin to Pinterest ideals. Christ looks at the heart and our obedience to walk in His ways. Whether we buy organic or not, meal plan or decide spur of the afternoon what we will eat for dinner, or finish one task before starting another, Christ is not checking off a list. Rather, He wants us to do everything walking in His presence and as an offering unto Him.

There you go. What about you? What are some things that you don't well?