Why Journaling with God Isn't Just for Fun

Originally published Wednesday, 04 February 2015.

Think writing is just for fun? Writing is real soul food that refreshes our hearts, health & our stories!

Research shows writing heals our soul & increases happiness. even in just 15 minutes. When we intentionally journal our hearts with Jesus, we invite Jesus into the intimacy of our journey.

When we take the time to stop and journal with God, He touches and heals us with His voice -- as we confide in everything we feel & experience unguarded -- whether it's pure, unfiltered happiness for what others might think is insignificant, or voicing all the questions and fears and stories that no one else would understand. Except Jesus.

[#spiritualwhitespacechallenge ] Journal. Confide. Let God in.

[ DAILY WORD CROISSANT ] When you said, "Seek my face", my heart said to you, "Your face, O Lord, I shall seek." ps 27:8

[ WHY ENJOY THIS CUP OF REST?] Here are two reasons to inspire you!

1) Research shows the power of writing your personal story can lead to behavioral changes and improve happiness. When we journal our stories with God, we give Him space to re-write our stories with us. Don't you get ah-ha moments as you write?

Here's the NY times article with the research! http://bit.ly/writinghappiness

2) Just 15-20 minutes of journaling makes a difference! Research shows expressive writing just three or four times in the course of four months makes a difference in emotional & physical well-being (improving mood, lowering stress levels and depressive symptoms).

Here's a 2nd article on the health benefits to writing! http://bit.ly/writinghealthy

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#soulrestbookclub articles sharing research:







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Whitespace is an important concept and Bonnie has captured it perfectly. 
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