Joy Takes More Than One Coat of Paint

Originally published Wednesday, 25 January 2012.

Sometimes we approach joy as if we were taking a pop quiz. The art of joy requires more than one coat of paint.


When my son turned three, TJ graduated from the crib to an actual bed.

Solid wood beds cost a big chunk of money. Add in a super-hero boy, arms loaded with hotwheels and tinkertoy spears -- and you've got a stressed out mom in the making. So we settled on a lower cost, saner approach.

We hauled a bed made out of "natural wood" upstairs and I was commissioned to hit Home Depot to pick out the perfect shade of honey. In short order, I piled cans of wood stains into my cart, each promising tints in thumbnail images that looked menacingly alike. I was stuck on aisle 2 with a string of cans under my arms and in both hands, torn between too many colors.

My left brain would've probably self-imploded had it not been for the guy in a canvas store vest. I walked out of the store semi-traumatized but got educated on the basics of wood staining:

Buy some samples and experiment with colors on the back of the bed.

Apply a layer at a time and allow time in between to dry.

The stain turns deeper with each application.

One detail: Paint looks different wet than when it's dry.

Last but not least: Have fun! (I definitely threw him a blank look at this point.)

There's quite a lot of new changes I'd like to make in the new year. I've taken a faith dare: to see myself as god's delight. Expressing Joy -- in bold and care-free quantities -- is a big part of taking on this identity. Joy is a journey I began last year and now, it's become my soul resolution.


Five Principles of Joy Staining

As I try on different ways to experience "delight," I see the same principles of wood staining apply to joy. We even have someone more knowledgeable than the store reps. We get to practice these Five Principles of Joy Staining with our Beloved Carpenter, Jesus Himself.

"These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full." John 15:11

The Five Principles of Joy Staining

1. Give joy a sampling. Try different things -- or doing things differently -- to see what joy looks like for you. Experiment in small doses.

2. Give your joy ideas time to dry. Once you try something for the first time, avoid judging yourself or criticizing the experience harshly right away. Give yourself (and others, if they're involved) some space to be imperfect.

3. Joy takes more than one coat of paint. You might not even feel joyful at first. You will find that joy gets a little deeper as you feel the freedom to trust and just try. (I found that by just trying, even as I'm nervous, I feel a tinge of joy!)

4. Joy looks different wet than dry. You're on a journey, not taking a "Joy Test." There is no pass or fail. Joy comes from the heart and the heart is very resistant to demands or "Thou Shalt."

5. Joy is fun! Yes, there is a shade of peaceful, quiet joy that comes through suffering. Don't forget that the kind of joy that is sunny, exuberant and just plain fun is equally as godly too!


Heard of Naaman?

I gathered up these five shots of faith, after being inspired by 2 Kings 2:1, the "valiant warrior" from Aram who was also a leper.

Naaman wanted to be healed of his disease. But when the prophet Elisha told him to travel to Israel and dip into the river Jordan seven times, he got angry and discouraged.

After some encouragement from his friends, he decided to do it anyways. On the seventh dip, the Bible says his skin became as soft as a newborn baby!

As you step out new this year -- on your faith journey -- you may be tempted like I've been thinking, "Who am I kidding?".


Before you throw in the towel --

~ Remember who inspires your new beginning -- God.

~ Keep dipping!

On the nth dip -- God knows when that is -- we will see joy deeper and truer in our everyday experience.

Let's keep encouraging each other. Let's keep painting the world with faith in what God's doing.

I'm not even talking about the "big" things.

In the everyday things that no ones sees, that is where God faithfully meets us -- because He sees.



What keeps you encouraged to step out in joy? Do you have a soul resolution? How is God calling you to become new this year?

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By Bonnie Gray, the faithbarista serving up shots of faith for everyday life.


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Bonnie Gray is an inspiring Christian writer and blogger, offering encouragement to keep faith fresh in the daily grind. Her writing springs from the belief that the beauty of faith often takes place when life goes off script. Bonnie is the Founder of and featured writer for Hallmark subsidiary DaySpring's (in)courage. Bonnie is currently working on her debut book, due to release in 2013 by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing. Bonnie is a native Californian living in the heart of Silicon Valley with her best friend Hubby, wrangling their two heaven-sent boys on the homestead.


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