When You Feel Like Giving Up

Originally published Friday, 25 September 2015.

Some days, you don't even want to try.

You don't feel like getting out of bed, you don't want to sit down with the Bible, you don't even want to try to figure out what on God's green earth to eat for breakfast.

I get it.

I feel that way sometimes, too.

It's easier to stay in bed, blinds closed, shutting out the world than to venture out there and risk failing. It's easier to skip quiet time altogether than to endure another session of closed heaven doors and prayers hitting the ceiling. It's easier to grab a candy bar and call it a meal.

But we are called to do hard things. To keep at it until we begin to see the results.

[tweetthis]We are called to do hard things because it's in our impossible that God reveals His possible.[/tweetthis]

Even when you weight refuses to budge... keep eating healthy meals and take care of the body God gave you.

Even when that book you're working on has no more contour than it did last week... keep on writing.

Even when your marriage feels like you're doing more than your part... keep loving sacrificially.

Don't let fear, uncertainty, or doubt keep you from doing great things. It is in these moments of weakness, these episodes of "I-can'ts" that God gets the most glory when we turn to Him.

[tweetthis]It's in my moments of "I can't" that I experience the grace of the One who can. #dontgiveup[/tweetthis]

Whatever hard thing you're called to do in this season of life, keep at it. As Paul says,

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9

Push back those covers and declare God's love and power over the day that awaits you. Continue to come before God with humility and expectation, asking Him to draw you deeper into His presence. Keep fighting that food addiction with God's comforting presence and His Word, speaking His victory over your life. Love your spouse in word and deed once more, even when it feels one-sided. Sit down and type your words, resisting the urge to delete every line and simply keep writing.

Don't give up. Don't let your weariness keep you from the reward that's waiting for you. It might be a few months out, or it may be just around the corner. You don't know, but God does. So rest in His strength and keep on keeping on.

The harvest is coming.

What's your hard thing right now? Share with us so we may encourage one another.

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