How to Fold Shirts (And Other Secrets to a Happy Marriage)

Originally published Monday, 12 January 2015.

I believe having joyful marriages are super-important to living a peaceful and less-overwhelmed life.

I asked Ashleigh Slater, author of Team Us: Marriage Together if she would join me on the blog today and share some of her marriage expertise with me and all of you.

It was supposed to be a short 20-minute interview… but we had so much fun we just kept going and going. 

So feel free to play the video in the background while you’re getting dinner ready, running errands on your lunchbreak, folding laundry, or soaking in the hot tub. (Yeah. Right. Did you just smirk? That makes two of us. But perhaps listening while putting on makeup is more realistic.)

Without further ado, here’s our fun conversation about marriage, folding shirts, team work, Chinese restaurants, and Ashleigh’s book, Team Us.

If you’re a video-skimmer (no shame in that! life is busy, mama), here’s a summary so you can jump around if you wish:

  • A little about Ashleigh, her family, and how she came to write a book– 0:55
  • The one thing you can do right now in your marriage to enjoy your spouse immediately– 4:44
  • How folding shirts can undue your marriage–or build it up– 7:03
  • Job loss, tragedy, and finances can be the biggest stressors on a marriage but they can also bring you and your spouse closer together– 9:51
  • There’s no “I” in team, but what if you’re the only one working on your marriage? –16:52
  • Even the best of us are overwhelmed in marriage, but here’s how to find joy in your marriage anyway– 20:19
  • And we each share one thing we appreciate about our spouse (which ends up being the same quality!)– 24:00

If you want to get Ashleigh’s book, you can get it here on Amazon. Because all of us (newlyweds and those in your golden years) can learn to be better spouses.

And maybe I’ll just start folding laundry differently, too. 

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