Summer Refreshment

Originally published Tuesday, 18 June 2013.

For those of you who share this journey with us regularly, you know I've been swept up with family health issues the last month and not popping on here as much as usual. So I missed getting the word out very much ahead of time about our fun Summer plans. But I guess it's better late than never, so here we go!

Each week of the Summer (starting this Friday), I'm going to post a topic of refreshment...something to hopefully feed your soul/growth with God and your life in general. For each topic, there will be a pdf. download with Bible verses (all prettied up) you can put around your home/office. I've never been stellar at memorizing verses, but I'm a pretty good "marinator" and this is one way I do that. You'll have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Refreshment series by doing something based on each topic. Here's some of our upcoming topics:

  • Be still
  • Processing Your Journey with God 
  • Finish it 
  • Be Delighted
  • Live Simply
  • and more...

Each week of the Summer you'll have an opportunity to participate in the refreshment activities. Each week there will also be a resource give-away. You can enter it like a normal give-away, but you can also get extra entry opportunities by participating in the activities and sharing how/what you did. If you want, you can pin photos/blog links on pinterest.... we'll give that a try at least for a little while* :) So If you want to be a Summer Refreshment Group pinner, follow me, find the Summer Refreshment board and then leave a comment on the first post titled "Summer Refreshment" and I'll add you to the group board :) Otherwise, share your stories on the fb page or on twitter! Also, each week the Inspiration Point goody will be a fb timeline cover with a Bible verse featured in that week's topic. So hopefully we'll all just be wrapped up in refreshment verses all Summer! WooHoo!

Hope that all makes sense! Grab a girlfriend to go through it with you (especially for some accountability to get through the "Finish it" project or one of the other bigger activities) or if you're a small group leader, use it as a way to keep in touch with your group over the Summer. 

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you this Summer! 



* The Pinterest board's purpose is for the mutual encouragement of everyone participating, not personal advertisement :) Group pinning privileges are not guaranteed if content becomes not "General Audience Approved" or in some other way not beneficial to the group as a whole. Thank you.