One Heart

Originally published Tuesday, 19 February 2013.

One heart impassioned by God can make a difference! - Pam Farrel

Today's February Freebies is a give-away that is close to my heart. It's one of my favorite books from Pam Farrel--Woman of Influence: Ten Traits of Those Who Want to Make a Difference.

Many of us feel the call to something bigger in our lives. With the world shouting it's definitions of "bigger" and "better" it is far too easy for us to miss God's path of significance. Pam outlines ten traits she found woven through the lives of women in history and Scripture who made a difference. The amazing thing about each woman is how God used her right where she was--meaning, she didn't need to be part of the rich and famous class to affect change; she didn't need to be more beautiful or intelligent to be of use in God's plan. All she needed was... well, I can't spoil that part! You'll have to read the book and find out what she needed ;)

So enter the drawing below for your chance to win this great book! I know you will be blessed! Also, the Farrels recently started a Love-Wise youtube channel. Click the "subscribe" button to stay up to date on all their most recent videos. For more information about Bill and Pam Farrel, go to

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