10 Scriptures to Pray over your children

Originally published Tuesday, 01 September 2015.

As the Summer comes to a close and the school session begins again, this month's downloadable freebie is a designed to encourage you to pray for your children, grandchildren, and the children in your church or neighborhood. Our children can't get enough prayer! As an adult, life seems to be changing scary fast. When I look at my little guy toddling around, I wonder what life will be like when he's grown and how in the world can I raise him to prepare him for the life ahead of him. Knowing that the Lord who loves my little man even more than I do hears my prayers brings my heart solace and hope. Knowing that Scripture is His very own heart gives my prayers direction and adds confidence to my faith. Click here for this month's downloadable freebie: 10 Scriptures to Pray over Your Children

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