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A Prayer for When You Feel You Don't Have Enough Time

Originally published Monday, 15 July 2019.

Father of creation,

Son born into time,

Spirit within me today,

I turn my complaint into confession:

What feels like not enough

Is really me trying to have more—

I’m not recognizing you give me what I need.

Temper my greed,

So that I can live well

Within the margins of today.

May I not use the minutes

As if they are currency

Spent on my must-haves.

Rather, may I receive each hour

As the gift it is—

A place to live with you.

Give me eyes to see:

When quick is good

And hurry is unholy.

Give me ears to hear:

When lingering is love

And loitering is lazy.

Give me hands to touch:

When action is healing

And refrain when not.

Give me humility to ask:

When help is needed

And pride is isolating.

Settle me into this day,

Aware and thankful

Of being with You.


2016-11-02 13.10.06

Having been a burnt-out leader in the church, Kimberley Mulder discovered her pace with grace, and now writes to sustain your soul as you serve at www.KimberleyMulder.com. She loves to tend souls with a listening ear and a reflective heart, and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Ministry at Portland Seminary with the goal of becoming a Spiritual Director. The outdoors is always calling her name, so when not tethered to a computer, you can find her exploring, gardening, and taking pictures anywhere outside of four walls (some of which make their way on to Instagram @writerkimberleymulder). Her husband and three kids journey with her, adding purpose, delight, and depth to her one and precious life.