8 Ways You Might Be Disrespecting Your Husband Without Knowing It

8 Ways You Might Be Disrespecting Your Husband Without Knowing It

We are all occasionally guilty of disrespect towards our husbands; I know I am one of the worst. Even though I know what my husband desires almost more than anything is my respect, I can definitely fail to show him that on a daily basis.

In his Crosswalk article on the subject, Mark Gungor reminds us that a husband’s greatest need is respect. Gungor writes, “Most women are willing to show respect, but they want their men to be worthy of it. If he is not, a woman feels that showing respect is disingenuous and she moves into “I-had-better-correct-the-situation” mode. She believes she can respect her man only if she can get him to act respectable. But that is not how it works. Respect is too great a need for a man to have it come and go based on performance. If a woman will learn to risk respecting her man when he is not perfect, he will open his heart to her and will become pliable to change.”

Well, I know I have definitely been guilty of this and I’m sure many wives reading this have been there too. 

I decided to do some self-reflecting on the things I need to work on to show my husband more respect. I thought I would share my reflections, because I know I’m not the only one. These are the top 8 worst things I do to disrespect my husband — most of them I do without even realizing it.

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1. Interrupt him

One of the quickest ways to let someone know that you don’t care one bit about what he is saying is to interrupt him. I do this all the time. I know I do it, and yet I still have a hard time catching myself at it. I tend to do this without thinking. This is a serious issue because it shows a level of unconscious selfishness on my part. This selfishness prevents open conversation in my marriage.

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