What Does it Mean for Christians to Be Pro-Life?

What Does it Mean for Christians to Be Pro-Life?
Posted by 'Bri Stensrud'

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When we talk about what it means for Christians to be pro-life, I think we definitely have to move away from the traditional thinking of what it means to be pro-life. What I mean by that is the traditional pro-life worldview has really been about abortion only. So when we talk about being pro-life, most people really pigeonhole us as being anti-abortion. And when we look at Scripture and we see what God really says about the dignity and sanctity of every human life, we know that it has to be a comprehensive pro-life worldview. It cannot just be about anti-abortion. We have to be pro-women, we have to be pro-child, we have to be for that orphan, we have to be against human trafficking and getting involved in that. We have to be for the widow. We have to be for those who are in prison. We've gotta care about those who are suffering from preventable diseases in other countries. So being pro-life and having that worldview really needs to be comprehensive, and we do a complete disservice to our testimony when we really limit that in scope to just the pre-born issue.

There's so much more to the Pro-Life Movement than it's stance on abortion.

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