What Are Some Signs of Genuine Saving Faith?

What Are Some Signs of Genuine Saving Faith?
Posted by 'Lindsey Carlson'

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"In middle school, I had a Sunday school teacher that said, 'Just because you're in a garage, does not mean that you are a car.' I have always just loved that expression, because it helps me to understand that just because I go to church, does not mean that I'm a Christian. Just because I might have been raised in a family, that my parents were believers, doesn't mean that I'm expressing genuine saving faith. Just because I put crosses on my wall or wear jewelry that expresses the Christian faith, does not mean that I have been genuinely saved and redeemed.

What are the signs of genuine saving faith? I think genuine faith is expressed by a turning away, leaving the old behind, progressing towards Christ-likeness, and understanding that you are justified in Christ. You're not justified by your perfect obedience to the law, because you can't completely obey the law. Only Christ has done that.

I think if you have genuinely expressed faith, you aren't going to want to live in the way that you used to live. Now, does that mean we're not going to struggle against sin and against the flesh? No, absolutely, we're going to struggle. We are told throughout the word that we are going to have weak faith, moments where we need the Lord. And we are going to need to fight that sin that is indwelling inside of us.

But genuine faith is going to desire holiness. If you're wondering, 'Do I demonstrate genuine saving faith?' Ask yourself, 'Do I long to be with God's people? Do I long to read His word? Do I long to spend time in His word? Do I long to know Him more intimately? Do I serve the people in my church? Do I spend more time thinking about things of the Lord than I spend thinking about things that I want in my flesh?'

As you see the answers to those questions, you'll see a pattern. Is your pattern toward worldliness, or is your pattern toward holiness? And a true, genuine saving faith is going to want to progress in holiness, want to progress in Christ-likeness. If you're not in a place where you feel like you express that, ask the Lord if you've ever fully confessed your sin. Have you fully received salvation? If you are expressing those things, I would say, rest in God's goodness to bring you along in sanctification, because He is working and willing in your life."

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