UPS Driver Finds Devastating Note Waiting from Dog He Visited on His Route for Years

Updated Jan 29, 2024
@wbane3 When you lose a pet on your route that you see everyday for years. It hits has hard as losing your own! Rest in peace Rosie! I will miss you! #fypシ #upsdriver #upsdogs #pets #xyzbca #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Wbane3

A UPS driver in western Pennsylvania was moved to tears after receiving a heartbreaking note from a sick dog on his delivery route.

Animals have a sneaky way of finding their way into our hearts. And it doesn't matter if they are actually our pets or not. Everyone loves being in the warm and happy presence of a furry, four-legged creature. But when a dog or cat we've encountered regularly is missing in action, that absence is felt and very noticeable.

Feeling and noticing the sudden absence of a beloved furry, four-legged friend is what happened to John Keffer, a delivery driver for the United Parcel Service in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, according to Newsweek.

The outlet reports that John has a daily delivery route of nearly 30 miles across The Steel City. He picks up and drops packages off at commercial and private locations along his route in the Pennsylvania city.

John Started Carrying Milk Bones With Him Along His UPS Delivery Route

Along his route, in addition to the customers, John encounters a fair number of dogs. Knowing that he's likely to meet a canine and hoping to stay on the dog's good side, John always carries milk bones with him.

“When I first I started to deliver, never thought about giving milk bones," John said. "But I found out from other drivers that they would give dog biscuits to the dogs on their route. So, I started to bring them in my lunch also. It started out as a sandwich bag full, then a quart size bag full daily, and now I am up to a pocket full and a quart size bag daily.”

While doing his route, Rosie was one of the dogs John routinely encountered. However, one day, instead of delivering a package, John found a box of milk bones and a note addressed to him.

John Posted A Video On Social Media Of The Heartbreaking Letter He Received From Rosie

In a video posted on TikTok, John shared the heartbreaking and gut-wrenching letter from Rosie. It thanked John for his years of kindness and for all the milk bones.

"She knew she would get a treat each time you came," the note read.

The letter went on to explain Rosie's absence.

"Sadly, Rosie, who was 10 years old, had to be put down due to cancer,"

The note ends with directions for John, telling him what to do with the box of milk bones.

"Please take this gift and continue making dogs happy when you deliver packages."

John admitted to Newsweek that the letter and gift hit him square in the heart. It caused him to shed a few tears.

“When you deliver to someone once a week or every day, you get used to their ‘fur babies,’ John said. "Even though you may only see them for a moment, it doesn’t mean that they don’t leave their paw prints on your heart.”

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