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'Ugly' Dog Was Unadoptable Until 1 Woman 2,600 Miles Away Stepped in

Updated Apr 12, 2024

Check out this story of a dog who was unadoptable because people called him ‘ugly’ and the woman who drove 2,600 miles to rescue him.

A dog named Harvey had been at a shelter in San Diego, California, for six months. He wasn’t being adopted, and there seemed to be no interest in him. Unfortunately, some of the animal shelter staff overheard people calling the Husky ‘ugly’ because of its facial deformity and crooked smile.

The animal shelter posted a post online about Harvey, hoping to reach more people who would be interested in adopting him. That’s when Sherry Lankston enters this story.

“A friend of mine had shared a picture of Harvey. And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ That face alone was just the most adorable thing ever,” said Sherry. “The open mouth and his tongue rolling out. And I looked at my husband, and I showed him like, ‘Hey, I’ve found our second dog.’”

“When she told me that she had people walk by and call him ugly…that broke my heart. Absolutely broke my heart,” Sherry said. “Not a single person had asked to have a playdate with him. Not a single person walked by and wanted to meet him….How is that possible?”

Sherry decided that Harvey would become the new member of her family. But Sherry lived 2,600 miles away near Seattle, Washington! So she decided to pack up her car and drive herself, two kids, and her rescue dog, River, down to San Diego to meet and pick up Harvey!

Once she got to the shelter, Sherry learned about Harvey’s backstory: “They were pretty sure that what had happened was when he was a very, very young pup, he got bit in the face. So that kind of started everything growing, you know, askew. And it just continued on that path. It’s not his fault that he has a wonky smile. It’s not his fault that he got bit as a puppy.”

Now, Harvey has a forever home with his new family and is absolutely thriving!

Photo Courtesy: Inside Edition via YouTube
Originally published on GodTube. Used with permission. 

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