‘The Sound of Music’ Actress Reflects on Iconic Film on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Updated Jan 24, 2024

One woman, actress Angela Cartwright, who had a pivotal role in what has since become one of the most beloved films of all time, “The Sound of Music,” shares her experiences working on the film and what it means to her.

Most films released by Hollywood are forgotten soon after they hit theaters and are never thought of again. However, there are a few movies that, for whatever reason, have staying power. They go on to become classics, beloved by generation after generation. 

“The Wizard of Oz,” “Casablanca,” and “Singin’ in the Rain” are a few of the flicks that fit in that exclusive category of timeless Hollywood films. Another movie that is as and perhaps even more beloved than those other films is “The Sound of Music.”

Angela Cartwright, who played Brigitta von Trapp, appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and talked about what it was like to work on the film. She also mentioned that she and her castmates had no idea that the film would go on to become such a classic.

“No, we had no idea,” Angela said. “We just knew that we were having a blast doing this movie, and it was just an experience. But we had no idea that, you know, it’s almost been 60 years now, and this movie is still going strong.”

As Angela mentioned, decades after the film’s release, it’s still having an impact. Kelly’s nightly ritual with her children is proof of this fact. Kelly stated every night her 7-year-old son asks her to sing the “Do-Re-Mi” tune from the film.

Later in the clip, Kelly adds that an entire album of 40 previously unreleased songs from “The Sound of Music” will be hitting store shelves in February.

“That’s never been done before,” Angela said. “This is just the soundtrack. And it has all the music from, you know, all the scenes, even the parts we’re not singing. And so, nobody’s really heard that except on the move itself.”

Psalm 105:2 “Let your voice be sounding in songs and melody; let all your thoughts be of the wonder of his works.”

Photo Courtesy: 'Kelly Clarkson Meets 'The Sound of Music' Star Angela Cartwright'/The Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube/1/24/24 @8am
Video Courtesy: The Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube

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