Ricky Schroder from TV Series Silver Spoons Sets Out to Combat 'Moral Decline' of Hollywood

God Updates

God Updates
Updated Jan 30, 2024

Actor Ricky Schroder from the TV series Silver Spoons has set out to push back against the negative programming coming out of Hollywood.

For a long time, Hollywood has been seen as the pinnacle of entertainment. It’s where actors became stars, and TV/movie scripts became hits despite the immorality and corruption that existed within the industry.

However, in more recent years, there has been a shift. One that’s defying the age-old adage that “sex sells.”

Faith-based films have begun taking over the box office, putting the previously “taboo” topic of Christianity out into the mainstream. Just look at the huge success of Jesus Revolution and Sound of Freedom.

Likewise, Christian programming has found a home with streaming services like Angel Studios and Pure Flix. Additionally, networks like Great American Family (which merged with Pure Flix) are focusing on more traditional values, seeking to become a “God-and-country alternative for holiday entertainment.”

And now, Ricky Schroder is getting in on the action!

Many likely recognize Ricky Schroder from the TV series Silver Spoons. Or perhaps for his more recent role on NYPD Blue or appearance in Dolly Parton’s Coat Of Many Colors. But now, Ricky isn’t just appearing in entertainment programming; he’s helping shape it.

Ricky Schroder From 80s TV Series Takes On Hollywood

Ricky Schroder helped found the Reel American Heroes Foundation (RAHF for short), a platform for creating content that celebrates conservative values.

“We’re a nonprofit whose mission is to tell stories — stories that entertain us, inspire us, and educate us about why America is a uniquely great nation,” Ricky explained. “So why is she great? Well, it’s because of the people, real American heroes, past, present, and future, who embody the values and the principles that build this great nation.”

The foundation plans to deviate from the modern messaging Hollywood pushes and instead shine a light on the real heroes who serve America — veterans, active soldiers, first responders, Gold Star families, as well as past and present heroic figures.

“Here’s the plan. We’re going to build a sort of ‘Patriot PBS,'” Ricky goes on to say, “an army of storytellers to counteract much of the negative program coming from Hollywood these days. Our money, our stories, our legacies.”

It’s heartening to see individuals like Ricky Schroder stepping in to combat the moral decline of Hollywood with a fresh perspective. There is certainly room for stories that uplift, inspire, and resonate with our faith. We look forward to inviting more wholesome content onto the screens in our homes!

Photo Courtesy: Reel American Heros Foundation via Facebook
Originally published on GodUpdates. Used with permission.

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