Retired Eagles Star Jason Kelce Grants Final Wish for Dying Fan and Her Family

Updated Jul 08, 2024
Retired Eagles Star Jason Kelce Grants Final Wish for Dying Fan and Her Family

Check out this heartwarming story about retired Eagles star Jason Kelce, granting the final wish for a dying fan and her family.

Mary Lou Carey was a huge Eagles fan and had a soft spot for former center Jason Kelce.

“She called him her young boyfriend,” said Jill Carey, the daughter of Mary Lou.

Mary Lou's dying wish was to be buried in her Jason Kelce jersey. When her family heard this, they knew they wanted to make it even more special for her. That’s when they took to Facebook to see if anyone could connect them to Jason Kelce to see if he could sign the jersey.

Not only did Jason Kelce end up signing the jersey that Mary Lou was eventually buried in, but many other Eagles players signed it as well. And the family was able to get the jersey back in time for Mary Lou’s funeral, complete with signatures from the players of her favorite team. What a sweet act of kindness!

“He’s all about the fans and the community,” shared Jill about Jason Kelce. “He goes the extra mile. And that’s why everyone loves him.”

Many people shared online their appreciation of Jason Kelce when they heard about this news story.

“Jason Kelce has a heart of gold!” one person wrote on YouTube.

“What a genuinely great man!” another person commented online. “Thank you, Jason Kelce. Your kindness and empathy will always be with her family. You’re a legend in all of the best ways. #62!”

Jill Carey also shared some sweet sentiments about her mom online and why she was such a big fan of Jason Kelce. “My mom was a truly wonderful woman. She would always do for others, expecting nothing in return, giving everything she had to whatever task she was doing, and working hard her entire life,” Jill Carey said. “I think that’s part of the reason she loved Jason so much. He is a true class act! He put a huge smile on her face in her last days, and seeing this done for her gave us some light during our sad time.”

What a great story that reminds us all of the importance of kindness and being there for your community.

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Originally published Monday, 08 July 2024.