A Prayer for When Change Seems Impossible

Karen Pashley

Updated Jan 24, 2024

Something about transitioning to a new year drives people to reflect on the past and ponder ways to improve the future. We see it in businesses as they examine their last quarter and make new goals for the next four quarters. Family’s examine their rhythms and commitments and make decisions about what they want to keep or change moving forward. And people personally inspect their health and fitness levels and make plans for personal growth for the upcoming year.  What typically happens next, though, can be rather disappointing. We start strong with the momentum of transition and ride the high of new habits and routines. But it doesn’t take long before employees get swamped maintaining rather than advancing the business, the family calendar gets overtaken by the kid’s sports and church commitments, and our sneakers and dumbbells begin to collect dust.  Lasting change can feel impossible sometimes, can’t it? It only adds to our discouragement when we fail to meet our goals, keep our promises, or honor our commitments. Read more here.

Thumbnail courtesy of Canva.com & Stock footage courtesy of soundstripe.com 

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