Singer Jeremy Camp Recovering from Surgery Following Serious Heart Condition

Updated Mar 20, 2024

A pic of Christian singer Jeremy Camp in the hospital, shared by his loving wife Adrienne, serves as a testament to God’s grace and healing hands at work. The photo thanks all those who covered Jeremy in prayer as he underwent surgery to treat a serious heart condition.

Life is truly unpredictable, and no one is immune to the curveballs it can throw our way—not even celebrities.

During a Saturday night concert, things went sideways for singer Jeremy Camp. He went into what’s called Afib (atrial fibrillation) – an irregular rhythm where the heart beats “really, really fast” causing all kinds of problems, including trouble breathing.

"It was affecting a lot of things…It’s hard to function,” Jeremy explained on social media.

As a result, singer Jeremy Camp had no choice but to cut his performance short. He later took to social media to request prayers as he prepared for a surgical procedure called cardiac ablation to address the issue.

Singer Jeremy Camp Asks For Prayers

The procedure involved inserting a catheter into a blood vessel and then guiding it to Jeremy’s heart. His doctors went in through the singer’s leg in order to insert the catheter.

Once it was complete, Jeremy Camp’s wife, Adrienne, posted an update on social media, which included a picture of Jeremy giving the thumbs up from his hospital bed.

“Surgery was a success,” Adrienne said, “but it'll take a few months to fully heal.”

Adrienne also took a moment to express gratitude for all those who lifted Jeremy and his family up in prayer, as well as for the care received by the doctors and hospital staff.

Jeremy Camp and his wife, Adrienne, continued providing updates after the singer returned home. Jeremy explained that he’s been dealing with irregular heart rhythms for a few years, and this wasn’t his first surgery. However, he hadn’t gone public with the condition until the current procedure.

With so many fans regularly offering to pray for Jeremy, the singer realized it was time to engage his eager prayer warriors.

“People always say, ‘How can I pray for you guys?’ And I’m like. ‘You know what? As a family [of Christ], that’s what we do,'” he said.

Jeremy then went on to explain how, through this health journey, he’s learning to fully submit to God. He admitted he’s struggled with wanting to do things through his own strength. But this heart condition is completely out of his control, which helped him come to a powerful conclusion:

“Realizing that my life is in God’s hands – literally coming to grips with that… Yeah, I can do the best I can… but ultimately, God is in control. And He loves us more than we even know.”

Our lives will not always go the way we’ve planned. Letting go of that illusion of control is hard and scary. However, Jeremy explains how it has helped him fully rely on God, which has only brought him closer to Jesus.

Friends and fans alike cheered Jeremy on as he shared about his recovery. It’s inspiring that singer Jeremey Camp is opening up about his health journey, which has only strengthened his faith.

Isn’t it just incredible how our faith community rallies together in times of need? Keep those prayers flowing, friends, because we’re witnessing a faith-filled journey of recovery and a testimony to the power of collective prayer!

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Photo Courtesy:  Facebook/Jeremy Camp
Originally published on God Updates. Used with permission.

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