Janitor's Stunning 'Don't Stop Believin' Performance Wins Golden Buzzer on AGT

Published Jul 05, 2024
 Janitor's Stunning 'Don't Stop Believin' Performance Wins Golden Buzzer on AGT

One man, a janitor, turned in a stunning and awe-inspiring performance on America’s Got Talent, winning a Golden Buzzer and everyone’s heart in the process.

Shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice remain popular despite being on television for years. Yes, everyone enjoys watching and listening to people sing and perform. However, those programs’ staying power comes from the contestants’ stories and journeys.

Everyone wants a chance in life. That’s all most people ever want. Sadly, many people never get that opportunity, for whatever reason, to display their God-given talents and show others what they can do. Shows like America’s Got Talent give those often overlooked and forgotten people that opportunity.

Richard Goodall is a janitor from Terre Haute, Indiana. He wanted nothing more than to show others what he could do after being told by people that he had the talent to make it. So, he hopped on a plane (his first plane ride ever) to Los Angeles and gave the America’s Got Talent judges a performance they won’t soon forget.

Richard auditioned by singing Journey’s classic “Don’t Stop Believin,” which he says he chose for obvious reasons.

A single moment can change a life forever. Richard experienced one of those instances when he auditioned in front of the show’s four judges and the studio audience. It was a magical moment for everyone involved – the studio audience, the judges, and Richard.

From the second he opened his mouth and began belting out the song’s iconic first verse, Richard had everyone stunned and astonished at his beautiful, God-given musical talents.

The judges heaped praise on Richard, giving him compliment after compliment. Heidi Klum responded by slamming the Golden Buzzer and sending confetti to the floor.

Richard was left in tears at the overwhelmingly positive reception.

Psalm 105:2 “Let your voice be sounding in songs and melody; let all your thoughts be of the wonder of his works.”

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Photo Credit: ©YouTube/America's Got Talent

Originally published Friday, 05 July 2024.