Is Work a Part of the Curse of the Fall of Man?

Is Work a Part of the Curse of the Fall of Man?
Posted by 'Hannah Anderson'

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"If you talk to my children, it is. And in fact, it is some infernal punishment that has been rained down on them, that ... it is not something that they see as a gift at this age in their life.

But work was given to us by God at the beginning of creation, and it's bound up in who we are as people. When God made us, he made us to reflect who he is. And what is the first thing that we see God doing? He is working. He is creating life, he is creating this world. And not only does he do that at the beginning, he does it all through Scripture. And the New Testament speaks about the fact that we are the workmanship of God himself.

So when we approach work, a lot of times we are experiencing it in a fallen world. So it is difficult, it is backbreaking, but the idea of working is a fundamental attribute of God's nature."

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