iB Book Club – Launch – We Need Your Ideas

Published: Jul 20, 2022
iB Book Club – Launch – We Need Your Ideas

iBelieve is launching a book club! Check out the video for ways you can help kickstart this exciting project!

Hey, guys! Peyton Garland here. I'm the editor for iBelieve.com, and our team is excited to announce the new iB Book Club! 

However, before we officially launch, we need YOUR ideas. You might think you don't read enough, or you don't have the right degree, education, or literary background to offer any suggestions, but think again! This isn't about academia; this is about deep-diving into all sorts of books to discover what God is speaking to each of us. Perhaps we will read from classic writers like C.S. Lewis or Charles Spurgeon. Maybe we will hop on a Lysa Terkeurst bandwagon because, well, her books are always soul-healing. Or, we could tackle mainstream culture's bestsellers and discuss what culture seems to digest. 

Poetry, prose, sermons, essays, it doesn't matter! Dig deep and discover if you have specific genres, certain titles, or favorite authors you would like for us to check out. 

Should we focus on fiction, non-fiction, or both? 

How often should we meet? Once a month? Twice a month? And how should we meet? Could we create a separate Facebook group, start our own newsletter email, or discover another way to chat back and forth? Should we take advantage of Zoom, Google Meet, or other video options? 

Should we come up with a cooler group name besides iB Book Club? (I know there are plenty of you who are far more creative than me, so I better see some fun suggestions in the comment section!)

What about study materials? Should we have journal writings–similar to our Scripture Writing Challenge, or could we include weekly discussion questions, prayer challenges, etc.? 

Our team is all ears! We are so excited to see what God will do through this book club. We are grateful to have you here, willing to share your heart and discuss your ideas on how to make this not only successful in employing social media numbers, likes, and clicks but successful by means of life-changing, encouraging, soul-refreshing conversations built around the power of God-ordained words. 

I can't wait to start reading with you! 

Grab those glasses, find a bookmark, make sure you have your favorite coffee mug, and let's get reading! 


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Originally published Wednesday, 20 July 2022.